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Calculation of Wedding Catering Needs to Be Done

On your happy day, of course you want to hold a smooth event to the end. The smooth running of the event is influenced by many factors, one of which is the convenience of invited guests through the banquets you provide. It has been known for a long time that when holding a wedding it costs a lot of money. These costs are not only released because of personal preparation, but because there is a need to entertain invited guests. The main preparations in entertaining invited guests are catering problems. Catering must be prepared in such a way as to be able to satisfy invited guests. 

Because catering is the main factor in a marriage, you must be able to calculate the costs needed to be adjusted to the budget. To do the management of catering also requires steps in management, including one of counting the amount of food. Starting from the simplest is a way to calculate the amount of food needed for invited guests. The standard formula is the number of invitations X 2. The reason multiplied by 2 is because we assume, invited guests will bring their partners (totaling at least 1 person). However, today, catering not only includes middle meals (buffets) but also stall food. The percentage of these two types of food can be adjusted to the budget you have.

Normally, a comparison of buffet food with stall food is 60:40. Because it is ‘small food’, the normal assumption is that every invited guest arrives, takes at least 4 or 5 servings of stall food so they are full. So, the 40% ratio still has to be multiplied by 4 or 5 to get the right amount of food. The number of lodges must also be adjusted to the type of food chosen, whether filling or not. If the stall food is filling (rice or noodles) then the number 4 is appropriate.

The normal calculation is one of the basic things that must be mastered and understood in such a way. If the understanding of calculations has been mastered, the next step is to select catering services according to the targeted budget. At present in big cities like Surabaya, there is no need to need big effort in searching for catering services. There have been many catering services in Surabaya that offer friendly prices on bags. This certainly makes it easier for you to make elections.

You can find cheap Surabaya catering on various promotional pages on internet-based search engines. Reviews for reviews can be read carefully. The review can also be used as reference material for making choices. The thing to note when making an election is of course based on price, taste and service. Choose catering services that have professional and reliable services, because when the wedding party arrives it requires excellent service in the face of the many invited guests. This basic step that prevents you from feeling disappointed in catering services and management of budget catering is still the number one thing that must be considered.

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